Fireworks are Overrated

We have a new addition to the farm (also known as our backyard)!

On July 4th, at 3:00 AM, I woke up rather suddenly and couldn’t go back to sleep; so naturally I began researching “goat birth.” Isn’t that what YOU research when you can’t sleep? Upon reviewing the signs of labor, I realized that our goat Mollee (whose due date was July 8th) might possibly be in labor. So I got up to check on her…

She was in early labor, but I wasn’t sure how long goats labor, so I hung out in the barn until about 5:00 AM when I went back to sleep. Some midwife I am, haha! Long story short, she gave birth to a wee girl baby at about 2:00 PM. Thankfully my kids (haha) were napping, so I got to be there for the delivery and everything. Amazing!

ImageHere’s Mollee with her new baby girl

We named her Independence,wasn’t that patriotic of us? Well, that’s how I spent my fourth of July- what did you do?

ImageLittle Indee